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Nýr starfsmaður í Hugarafli

By febrúar 5, 2019No Comments

Við í Hugarafli vorum að ráða glænýjan starfskraft! Við bjóðum Dumitritu velkomna til starfa og leyfum henni að kynna sig:

Velkomin til starfa Dumitrita Simion!

My names is Dumitrita Simion and I come from Romania. Pychologist by education and „fire starter“ by nature, I spent the last 8 years leading an organization called Minte Forte (Strong Mind), that supports people´s mental wellbeing through education and psychoterapy.

Almost 4 years ago I was checking out the organizations in Reykjavik in an attempt to learn about the mental health system in Iceland and the last one I visited was Hugarafl. On this first encounter I immediately resonated with its vision about empowerment and peer support. Finding a deep common ground and a complementarity of methods and experience between the two organizations felt like discovering a rare gem. So in the last years I have been creating projects that harnessed this gem, by connecting Romania to Iceland, Minte Forte to Hugarafl and members in the two organizations with each other. First project was a study visit in which both organizations got a taste of what each other was doing. Then we embarked in a two years strategic partnership where we created non-formal education methods for the social and emotional development of teenagers. We also used non-formal education in an international training with youth workers, as a means to promote mental health. And currently, Hugarafl and Minte Forte are exchanging good practices in a one-year project where members get to spend a month in the partner organization and implement what they learned upon their return home.

And now I am here, on the other side of the story, as the new staff member in Hugarfl. Starts a new chapter for me, following the same red line of supporting people´s wellbeing. I came from Romania with just three suitcases containing few of my stuff, but I managed to bring with me all my passion and skills for project writing and creating spaces for learning and growing.

If you come by Hugarafl´s home you may see me in front of a computer, intensively looking for ways to put change-making ideas into action, or among people in the living room feeding my curiosity about each person´s experience of life, or maybe in a group discussion about things that keep us well. Either way, I will be glad if you approached me for some together time.