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Our services for people of foreign origins

Hugarafl welcomes people of any nationality and cultural background and our services are constantly being adjusted to also respond to the needs of those who might have difficulties communicating in Icelandic language.

Most group activities of Hugarafl are in Icelandic, but some linguistic support may be available in specific group meetings if a person who doesn’t speak Icelandic decides to join in.

However, there are usually at least two group activities available in English at any given time in Hugarafl. In these groups, various topics are discussed, related to mental health, relationships, communication, and support is being offered on an equal basis.

You can see the current groups in English in the schedule here (hyperlink to weekly schedule).

Persons of foreign origins can also benefit from one-on-one peer support, with our Romanian staff member Dumitrița Simion.