Pistill nr.2 frá Unghugum, Eysteinn Sölvi skrifar fréttir frá Rúmeníu.

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Hello again, coming to you live from Romania, we are Eysteinn, Mummi, Fanney and Árný. Now week 2 has kicked in, and we are as energized as ever. Monday starts and we start off by doing our weekly reflection, going over the objectives we set for ourselves last week and seeing how we managed to meet them.


On the same monday, after the reflection meeting we started the training on non formal education and mental health. The training was held by none other than Paula and Doris, of Minte Forte. The first day we went into the spectrum of mental health and what is functional and dysfunctional.


The training continued on Tuesday, where the focus was on non formal education, and how the different kinds of educations, formal, non formal and informal can be applied in our workshops/trainings and day to day lives. We went over things such as the Kolb cycle of learning, and how to apply that to our workshops in the future.

Then Later that same tuesday we had another event planning meeting, where we planned our second event which is going to be held in the week after this one. This event is going to be a human library, with a focus on mental health.


Wednesday, the day of the world café. Sadly, nothing happened with that event because of a complete lack of signups for it, forcing us to cancel it. But, the process didn’t go to waste as we learned a whole lot about event planning and the way Minte Forte does event planning, so it wasn’t all bad.


The day after, Thursday we had our first workshop planning meeting, where we went and started the process of planning one of the workshops we are going to host for the people in Romania. We met at a café and started brainstorming, thinking of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. After some time we decided on a topic and a rough schedule, but that’s as much as we’re going to share for now.


Surprisingly, our friday was left open, So that was used to explore the city, getting to know the different landmarks and such, and of course, more socializing with the locals.