Unga fólkið í Hugarafli í útrás!! „Bridge For Mental Health“

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Eysteinn Sölvi sendir fréttir frá Rúmeníu:

The day finally came, October 1st. The day we, Eysteinn, Árný and Mummi were set to leave for Romania, as a part of the Bridge For Mental Health project, to go see how things are done there and bring back home knowledge and experience. The entire trip took around a full day but let’s not bore you with those details.


Upon arrival at Minte Forte on tuesday we were greeted by the wonderful members Paula, Agi, Ovidiu and Dumitrita who went over the months plan with us for the project (Bridge for Mental Health), went over our objectives, expectations and what we’d like to contribute this month.


On the wednesday we had free reign to go and explore the city of Cluj, and the descriptions we had gotten about it from our colleagues could only tell us so much. The city is full of many beautiful churches, and nice parks and places to just sit down and take in the environment and culture.


Thursday we started planning an event hosted by Minte Forte in the format of a ‘world-café’ which will be held on the second week, you’re going to have to hear about that in the next blog post. We really learned a lot about event planning through observing how they do it in Minte Forte and we’re looking forward to bringing that knowledge back home.


The friday and the weekend we used to socialize and get to know the city more, settling into the different environment. Overall the experience has been positive and we’ve learned a lot in this first week and are looking forward to what’s to come.